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· XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: chrome:. / / browser/ content/ browser. xul Line Number 1, Column 58: should become & gt;. The easiest way to do that is probably with str_ replace call like. · There is an error I encounter occasionally when browsing some sites - an error I do not understand and wonder if it is correctable. Fix text that isn' t displaying properly. If you see squares instead of text on webpages, or text is blurry or fuzzy,. Open Chrome again. This section provides a tutorial example on how to use IE ( Internet Explorer) as an XML file syntax checker. If there are syntax errors in an XML file, IE 10 ( in. a Christmas- box from Google Chrome: Chrome encoding options gone?

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    Encoding error chrome

    Chrome 55 has removed the Encoding menu and Chrome will do auto- encoding detection now:. Remove encoding menu. chrome/ android/ java/ res/ xml/ language. that incorrectly declare their encoding ( like the error page. The XML page cannot be displayed. Switch from current encoding to specified encoding not supported. Error processing resource. that sites works fine on Chrome. XML - random parsing problem: Input is not proper UTF- 8, indicate encoding! Chrome shows no error in the parsing and treats the document as valid XML. Web Services and XML for RPGers. on- error 351; / / RNQ0351: The XML parser detected error code & 1. Google Chrome doesn' t allow AJAX requests over the file: / / protocol by default. To do this, add dataType: " xml". In addition, I' ve encountered the Access- Control- Allow- Origin error above when trying to fetch an RSS feed.

    Hey Does this screenshot and parsed output from Chrome developer Tools/ Network/ Headers help? ( As I said the error does not occur in Firefox, but it still. Since update message " XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location: chrome:. I too am getting this error message XML Parsing Error: unexpected parser state. XML Parsing error with Chrome in. Is performing some auto- correct and thinks some error is. I use the xml header